Mooey Moobau

Mooey Moobau

Mooey Moobau is not a band name or a stage name but more like a nickname that I use for making music. Yes, some people actually call me this.

My stuff is heavy on phonetics - I write songs ruled by natural speech rhythms and melodies, and overflowing with alliterative poetry. It's influenced a lot by the Dada sound poets, and by much of the hip hop I hear on the radio right now.

When I play live I also edit my voice, either with a cassette deck played like an instrument, or with realtime automatic speech recognition. Usually I also get instrument-playing friends to back me up.

A live gig
On Alan Nakagawa's Ear Meal


Mooey Moobau
Live Bloody Live

This is a cut-up live album - each track is made from pieces of 10 to 16 different recordings. So in a way it's not really a live album at all.

Various Artists
Yes We Puede

A compilation of patriotic songs, for Obama's inauguration. I did "Swanee River," Florida's state song.

Mooey Moobau
All Murmur of Our Mothers' Waters
Ebola Music

The first proper studio album. Most of the songs started as a capella pieces, then I asked musician friends to respond to them spontaneously, and then I cut up what they played until it made sense.

The Domestication of Animals
The Domestication of Animals Plays the Screams of Drowning Ants,
Bites of the Box-packed Dogs

Ebola Music

Sort of a prototype for Mooey Moobau. This was a brief band I had with Grant Lovelace and Mike Rings. I still play many of these songs live.

A video

For the song "Trap Door"
Directed by Ego Plum


Will keep you teetering on the edge of audio sensory overload and leave you dumbfounded and smiling. This crazy fucker is brimming with the spirit of Captain Beefheart.
-- Citizen L.A.

-- Startling Moniker (WDBX, Top 12 of 2008)

Hats off to anyone who can waltz in from Florida and turn L.A. music upside down and slap a big shit-eating grin on these hipster kids.
-- Loudvine

silly, frustrating, complex, and refreshingly innovative
-- The Deli Magazine

The music and sounds created on this album are so interesting and mind-numbing and fantastic (in the literal sense of fantasy and wonder) that it was difficult to concentrate on driving and I almost ended up in a car wreck.
-- Good Stuff!

A remix

A remix of my song Friends Who Are Fathers done by Learning Music