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Discredited Dentistry

Discredited Dentistry is a theater piece that tells the story of 32 ruined dentists through a museum-style tour of their dental school's sculpture garden. The plot is gradually revealed through detailed descriptions of the statues themselves - ekphrasis is the fancy word for it. The first two performances (with myself as the tour guide and Ariana Petrojvic playing the statues) happened at the Stockholm Fringe Fest in August 2011.

The score to Discredited Dentistry is not really music but a collage of articulatory mouth sounds. The noises dental implements might make against the gums or tongue or lips, or what a post-op patient might utter, trying to mumble through the gauze. For the Stockholm Fringe Fest production, these sounds come from pre-recorded cassettes that we (the performers) edited with precision in realtime, while performing - a constant counterpoint against the spoken text.